This, our 4th Newsletter finds us in the grip of “Summer”!!!!

I find myself laughing at that first sentence, we had a couple of weeks last month when one could have been tricked into thinking summer was here! We had to turn the heating down and then completely off for all, only to have the last few weeks when it has rained so much we could be confused into believing winter was here again!!!

That brings me to the first item for the newsletter.  We are experiencing a few leaks in the roof when the rain is particularly heavy, at the moment it only appears to be affecting Room 1, we are in the process of trying to get some funding in place to replace the whole roof, but if that is not available then we will do repairs. Don’t worry though we will have any work done when there is the least chance of disturbing too many hirers, and you will be advised in plenty of time.

Second item: we are in the middle of redecoration, the entrance hall and Room 1 have been done and sometime during the summer school holidays, the Main hall will also be painted.  Can I ask that you do not use any sticky tape to put notices up, please only use blue tack, we want to make every effort to keep the hall as pleasant an area to be in as possible, so if anyone notices anybody treating the hall badly, please don’t hesitate in letting me know.

Third item: the car park markings, completed last year, have made an enormous difference in the way everyone parks their cars, but please, if you do park in the middle, or indeed find someone else has and you cant get out, ask the culprit POLITELY if they would move the offending car. And I must stress, if that person is in a meeting/group/game please ensure you don’t disrupt them too much.

Fourth item:  I have been advised that not everyone is cleaning the kitchen properly at the end of their session.  The kitchen is for all hirers to use, so can you ensure you clear up after yourselves in the kitchen and also in the room you have hired, it is a condition of hire that the rooms are left clean and tidy, bins emptied, tables and chairs stacked.

For those of you who stop meeting during the summer school holidays, can I ask that you ensure I have your closure dates, and more importantly, your return dates!  

MANY THANKS and have a lovely Summer – if it ever arrives

Lyn White